Type 1 Diabetes App Designer Discovers Wife Has T1D

Lee Paxman-Clarke is an app designer who recently created Deapp – an application which helps children with the condition, The app has gained wide praise and media recognition but Lee only recently revealed that the app also helped him to diagnose his own wife!

He said “I knew the symptoms” from learning about Type 1 diabetes for the app and encouraged her to have a blood test, which confirmed my suspicions.

“Collette became unwell – she was more tired, more thirsty, she was going to the toilet more and lost weight.

“I encouraged her to have a blood test and coincidentally, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

“She then became a guinea pig for the app.”

Paxman-Clarke is a member of the De Montfort University design team in Leicester that worked with the NHS on the app.

When Mrs Paxman-Clarke was diagnosed, she was put straight on to insulin.

“I came out with a massive bag of supplies and then just got into my car and cried.

“One of the first videos explains that its not your fault it’s happened to you,” Collette said. “You need reassurance that you didn’t bring it on yourself.”

Deapp, which has already been used by nearly 200 children recently diagnosed with the condition in the East Midlands, is set to be rolled-out across the UK and possibly abroad.

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