Keeping Insulin Cool in the Summer

The British summer is an unpredictable mistress. “When will it start?” and “When will the unbearable heat end!?” are probably two questions you’ve heard before or, more likely, read on social media. We don’t offer a weather forecast here at DiaNews but there are two things that we can confidently predict:

  • It will rain extraordinarily heavily in some parts, at some stage.
  • It will be extraordinarily hot in other parts at some stage

In other words, it’ll be the usual British summer.

Of course, some of you (lucky ones) will be heading to foreign shores where the weather might be more predictable but perhaps even hotter. SPF50 seems essential when protecting your skin but what about protecting your medication? More specifically; your insulin.

At home, we keep insulin safe and secure in the refrigerator. A person with type one diabetes no longer has a butter compartment, oh no! They have an insulin compartment. Sorry Lurpak! That little area is for basal and bolus action. If we’re on holiday, whether in the UK or elsewhere, a fridge might be a little tricky to carry around. My American-style fridge-freezer is probably not going to fit in the car, for a start, and can you imagine the excess baggage costs when I check that bad boy in at the Easyjet desk?

Let’s look at some sensible options when we need to keep our life saving drugs cool.


You might have heard of FRIO before. Essentially, they make cooling wallets. Handy, if your money is burning a hole in your pocket? No, no. Handy if you’re needing to keep your insulin cool on a trip.

There are a few choices when it comes to your FRIO wallet. Here are our favourites:





Dison are slightly newer kids on the block. They’re a little more techie , too!



Express Panda Travel Medicine Refrigerator

The wonderfully named Express Panda Medicine Refrigerator is one for the longer trip. Perhaps if you’re camping for a while, taking several road trips or you’re going to be somewhere without refrigeration for a prolonged length of time (more than a day or two) then this is the one for you!

  • You can use it at work and home as well as travel
  • Includes car charging adaptor
  • Batteries stay charged for 8 hours without power
  • Click or Tap Here to Buy Yours in WHITE
  • Price: Around £80


Whatever your insulin cooling choices are this summer, enjoy the nice weather and time off if you can get some!

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