Eastenders Actress Presents Hard-Hitting Lifeline Appeal for JDRF

Former Eastenders actress, Nina Wadia has presented an emotional BBC Lifeline appeal on behalf of JDRF.

Wadia, who has appeared in many British TV favourites such as Goodness Gracious Me and Still Open All Hours, recently announced that her son has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Aidan was diagnosed in September 2017, aged 10.

Now a JDRF ambassador, Nina has been actively raising awareness of T1D and her latest BBC Lifeline Appeal has been credited with much acclaim by the diabetes community.

In the short film, Wadia said: “I’ve spent a lot of my life making people laugh or being in some drama. The real life drama that I had to face was when I found out my son had Type 1 Diabetes

“There are several type of diabetes and Type 1 is the most life threatening. We don’t know why people develop it and currently there is no cure. Type 1 can happen to anyone, at any age and it changes their lives forever.”

The video introduced us to some parents of children with diabetes. The fears of the parents and youngsters were discussed, as the magnitude of the condition was highlighted.

A tragic loss of life was spoken about, as one parent described the loss of his son from hyperglycemia after “letting things slip” for just a couple of days.

The video is available in full on BBC iPlayer here:


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