Dereham Man Sends His T2D Into Remission

Keith Stevens, from Dereham, is celebrating the news that his Type 2 Diabetes is now in remission after his determined efforts to lose weight.

Keith managed to lose over 4 stones in weight with help from his DSN and a local Slimming World group.

“Being overweight impacted on so many aspects of my life, from struggling to find clothes that I like, to not being able to do simple everyday tasks without feeling tired and out of breath.

“I always felt I was lacking energy. I was on a slippery slope to gaining more and more weight and I didn’t really see a way out.”

After being referred he decided to join his local Slimming World group at The Assembly Rooms in Dereham, which he attends each Thursday.

He said: “Walking through those doors was difficult. I was embarrassed about my size and scared that I might be the biggest person there.

“I needn’t have worried though, as everyone there was so friendly, especially my consultant. The group were so welcoming too.

“Since then my fellow members have become real friends and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without their support each week.”

Keith now enjoys walking over eight miles a day without any side effects and finds he is no longer breathless and his shins no longer ache.

“Thanks to the changes I’ve made my health has improved dramatically and my blood sugar reading is now in the normal range and the doctor says I show no symptoms of type 2 diabetes. I’ve got my life back and I couldn’t be happier.”

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