TAD 5 Tickets in High Demand

The 2019 TAD (Talking About Diabetes) event was a huge success. PWD from far and wide attended the Royal College of Physicians, in London to hear stories from the likes of Amy Stevens, boxer Muhammad Ali and to generally swoon over actor James Norton.

The good news is… It’s back!

Professor Partha Kar has recently announced that tickets for TAD 5 will be available (via a ballot) this coming World Diabetes Day (Thursday November 14th) and they’re likely to be in high demand.

So, how do you get your (probably finger pricked scarred) hands on a ticket? who will be taking to the stage?! and WHEN IS IT!?

When: 28th March 2020

Who: (so far) You can expect to hear stories from @clairerogers77 and @WhatNikiDidNext while comedian @TiernanDouieb will surely put a smile on your face. @T1showbizshizz will likely have a lot to say, too.

And, yes James Norton fans. Partha has dropped a hint that James Norton may pop in as well.


They’re available on Thursday 14th November. We suggest keeping and eye on the Twitter account of @parthaskar for links and information or head on over to http://talkingaboutdiabetes.co.uk/ – where you can find photos and videos from previous TAD events.

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