About DiaNews

DiaNews.co.uk is an independent news and information resource for people living with diabetes within the UK. Our website was created and is run by people living with diabetes.

Our goal is to keep the diabetes community up to date with all the latest news & information. From technology developments to new support group meet ups from around the UK and everything in between. Our columnists will provide insight on what it is like to live with diabetes.

Our content is in written, video and audio formats. Accessibility is very important to us and we strive to be inclusive.

As a media outlet, we adhere to the Language Matters guidelines in our news content. However, our columnists are free to express themselves within our own internal guidelines.

Your DiaNews.co.uk team are:

Julie Barcroft – Editor

Paul Sandells – Contributor

Harvey – Columnist

Kay – Columnist

Kayleigh Tanner – Columnist